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Knee Injuries & Ligament Damages Injuries in Philadelphia

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The full extent of knee injuries is sometimes not fully apparent until well after the accident. Ciccarelli Law Offices represents many cases involving knee injuries. We work with medical experts who help us prepare compelling claims that assist clients in knee injury recovery. If you have suffered a knee injury in a Pennsylvania accident, contact an experienced attorney before you sign settlement papers.


Whether they were caused in car accidents, on the job accidents, or in slip and fall incidents, knee injuries can have long term consequences of the victim. In some cases post traumatic arthritis will develop long after the original injury. In these cases it is crucial to include the risk of this arthritis in the original claim. Our experienced personal injury attorneys seek compensation for ongoing physical therapy, vocational rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 


We help accident victims get the help they deserve in claims involving knee injury recovery:

·      Post traumatic arthritis

·      Reconstructive surgery

·      Knee replacement

·      Meniscus tear surgery

·      Reflex sympathetic disorder (RSD)

·      Loose patella

·      Other knee injuries requiring extensive treatments or arthroscopy surgery


Over 25 years of Serious Injury Experience.  


We have over twenty five years of serious personal injury experience; experience fighting for our clients; fighting the insurance companies; fighting the consequences of a catastrophic or permanent accident and getting our clients the monetary or cash settlement they deserve for the pain and suffering of them and their family.  We serve our clients with convenient meeting locations in the greater Philadelphia area including Center City and our suburban Philadelphia locations. 


A Financial Settlement when your family needs it most 


Are you looking for an attorney to get you the financial or monetary settlement you deserve?  For the pain and suffering, property damages, loss wages or past and future medical bills you or your family have endured?  Do you need advice on debilitating, devastating, disabling injuries that you or a family member suffer or have suffered from?   Our office defends and fights for your rights when you or your family has been injured.  Contact us today to meet with us in Center City Philadelphia or one of our suburban Philadelphia locations or to schedule a home or hospital visit. We are available 24/7.


Contact Lee Ciccarelli and the Ciccarelli Law Offices Injury Team to discuss your construction, industrial, work place, residential or commercial accident, your injury; and confidentially and professionally discuss the impact of the crash on you and your family.  We have an attorney on call 24/7.  Contact us online or by phone at (215) 228-0100  for a free consultation at one of our Philadelphia locations.  We accept cases on a contingency fee so that you do not have to pay a retainer and our fee comes out of the settlement.